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Originally Posted by sHiXo
Hi, I own a 2000 V6 3.2 L Mustang and it has about 57,000 miles on it. Lately I have been having problems starting the car. My engine just doesn't want to start up. This usually occurs when I start the car up for the first time of the day, but it has happened during the middle of the day before too. I suspect it might be coolant leakin into the combustion chamber because I have changed the spark plugs already. Anyone have any ideas? I would be grateful to hear from you.
could be the MAF, or it could be improperly gapped spark plugs, or spark plugs with a different resistance than the computer expects. If the gap is ok, try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes, and reconnect.

Try spraying the MAF with computer contact cleaner -Don't touch the wires, just spray it liberally.

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