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Originally Posted by youngstangboy18
I've been reading all what you guys have been on saying pn underdriver pulleys and you've got me interested. I only have a couple questons about it now. Does it make your car actually go faster/feel a difference? Does it dramatiacally give you better gas mileage? Does it at all change the sound of the engine like make it louder? Does it add any horsepower? Thanks in advance for all your help.
1) you will feel a difference past 2500 RPM especially, as the faster the engine turns, the more power the accesories rob from your system. When trying to pass someone on a 2 lane, you'll notice you can get around other cars much more quickly.

2) You won't necessarily fell a big difference in everyday city driving, but if you time 0-60, and especially 1/4 mile, you'll see a big difference, as MustangDewd did.

3) You'll see a 2-3 mpg gain on your gas mileage, especially at highway speeds for the reasons just described, AND it will extend the life of your accessories (alternator, power steering, water pump, AC compressor, etc.

4) It will NOT affect the sound of the engine, except to make it a bit less noisy as far as belt/pulley whine. Exhaust sounds are affected by the mufflers, not anything in the engine bay.

5) It doesn't "add" horsepower, it frees horsepower that's used to power your accessories. So, the hp at the crank is unchanged, but the hp at the WHEELS is increased.

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