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Originally Posted by mac_mogul
Okay, strange title, but here it is...

My friend Courtney has the exact same stang as I do. Same year, same options everything down to the last stitch in the two-tone interior...
But hers is white and mine is black. We always park next to eachother at the student apartments, and we call them Yin(my black stang) and Yang(her white stang) Our mileage is even similar. I have about 30,500 and she's at about 29,800.

Anyways... This morning its freezing and snowing. Her car started up just fine, but mine wouldn't start. It took maybe three minutes of turning over-waiting a second, turning over again-waiting a second... and then my car finally started, then burbled and died. I turned it over again and after a couple seconds it started and I gave it some gas to keep it running.

What I wanna know is... why did hers start and mine didn't? Was it just her lucky day?

could be your plugs not being gapped right, could be battery connection, could be ice in your fuel system plugging the filter.

My bet is on the last item.

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