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Unhappy Help with Missfire type situation.

Hey I drive a 99' Stang 3.8l Auto . Ok so we all know it froze and **** last night, well i took my car out for a little fun and when i came back it sounds like its missfireing. I cant tell if its missin on 1 or 2 cylinders so i dont know if its the coil pack. I put Bosch 1 Platinums in about a year ago. I hit red line 1 or 2 times there in first gear tso who knows. Ice hasnt melted yet so i cant tell if i have really lost any power. Its hard to tell unless its idleing. I went to the back and listen to the exhaust and it sounds like a mild miffled poping ... baisically like a cylinder is misfireing. Im not for sure though, any ideas anyone of what could have cause this and what to do? im hard on cash as it is december.

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