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04' Mach 460 AUX-IN P.I.E Adapter Install

Hi i have just completed this on my car start by disconnecting the negetive battery terminal and leave the car unlocked beforehand. Start by putting the E-brake on and putting the auto shifter into 2 so it is out of the way pry out the shifter bezel becarefull not to damaged the plastic clip in the center. Disconnect the cig lighter socket it is attached by a small orange connector which has a small button to disconnect it. Then start by removing the ac/radio bezel pry it out with a flat head dull screwdriver and then yank the rest by hand. Next disconnect the trac, rear defrost, fog light switches they all have a small button on the back of them if you press the trigger in the connect slides out after this pull the bezel out completely. The head unit has two screws use a magnetic screw driver because you dont want the screws to fall into the shifter area which is hard to reach in. after removing the head unit plug in your aux-in and then reconnect your head unit. you can now reverse the steps you took to remove everything and finish by connectng the battery and testing everything. BTW i had the aux-in adapter placed inside the center console using velco double sided tape and had the rca cable come out to my XM radio.

Hope it helps
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