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Originally Posted by whimorris
Turns out it was bad grounding from battery to body, several places. Gauge operation has returned to normal.

Now I find I have a failed O2 sensor "behind" the CAT (dealer's description ???)... I had to pay $105 CDN to discover this... (Local costs for an OBD II code reader average about $250 CDN) but the odd thing is, this failed O2 sensor does not seem to affect the car's performance at all, so I am going to leave it until I can scrape up more $$.

Anyone have any opinions on the wisdom of leaving the failed O2 sensor repair for a couple of months, assuming no performance degradation and realizing that I may burn out the CEL bulb...?
I wouldn't worry about it. honda disconnected their O-sensors for years, to bump their reliability ratings.

The only problem is, if a real problem comes up, you won't know it, -but keep an eye on your guages, and your ears open, and you should be fine.

I drove a company car with the o-sensor cel light on for years.

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