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Originally Posted by dryerlint
I want more power out of my V6 mustang... the problem being I dont want to switch to a V8 unless i absolutely have to.

My friend has a supra that is running ~800 rwhp and I was just wondering what it would really take (turbo'd of course) to get a v6 mustang to that level? Would it require a whole new block? Does ford even have a v6/I-6 capable of that power level for any real amount of time? Would a swap from another car make more sense?

Thanks in advance!

The heat figures alone for that kind of power are immense. It would take a complete reworking of the heating, cooling, fuel supply, etc.

By the time you were done, you'd basically have to have EVERYTHING, including axles, tranny, etc. up to better than cobra spec.

Keep in mind that adjusted for inflation, the Supra TT was almost as expensive as a Ferrari, and was built for the Japanese version of Trans Am racing.

Getting a regular Celica to Supra spec would be costly . . . getting a Mustang V6 to the spec of DOUBLE the 03-04 Cobra output is not realistic. You're better off getting a Cobra that already has some of the heavy duty equipment you'd need.

That said, getting a V6 to Cobra Spec or better, is not that difficult.

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