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Originally Posted by kscoyote
THe differential is a limited slip, that will put power to both wheels, giving you better traction. That particular model is clutchless, and won't burn clutches.

The rest will free up the most power you can get without a port and polish job, and a new cam.

You REALLY need to get a rear sway bar, and running all that power, you should REALLY consider a set of subframe connectors at the very least, and you might want to consider shoring up the torque boxes, as well.

Get 'em one at a time, they're all gonna run $200 or so, but the installation of the differential can be very expensive, so check out local prices before you get teh part.

REar sway bar is $30 at a local salvage yard. All you need is a GT bar.

You're killin' me over here, man!

I was almost hopin', you'd continue running with the chip, or the 19lb injectors, blow the engine , then sell the ATI for cheap!!

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