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Originally Posted by OC Noob
I just bought an 04 40th ann. because it was in my price range and was convertable. Now that I've been driving it, to my suprise, I really like it and want to tweak it for more power. There is one problem though. I bought an additional bumper to bumper 8 year 100k warrenty and it is more important to me than the extra power from tweaks.

Hence, I want to do a few simple mods that will not affect the warrenty. After the holidays I'm going to call the warrenty place because there were additional fees for super/turbo chargers and I want to ask them if the work is done by an approved shop if I can add it under the warrenty (its not through Ford). I also want to do an exhaust mod and anything else that would be simple and possibly approved by the warrenty copany.

I need some expert advise. What should I have done by a shop that will give me the most benifit with the supercharger and does anyone know how these addon warrenties work? i.e. if its typically possible to get after-market stuff approved?

Thanks in advanced for the advise.

ps I need something that doesn't require much tweaking/maintenance as I am new to this and have no time to play for the next 12 months because of school. Oh yeah, this car will be with me for a few years until I can upgrade to a Cobra or better.
get a refund on the remainder of your warranty.

The 3.8/9L is the most realiable car ford made with only 5 problems per 100,000 cars. Put the money you were paying into the warranty into the bank, and you'll have plenty to take care of any problems the car may have.

Those "extra" warranty coverages are different from manufacturer warranties, and pretty much anything you do may void it.

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