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Originally Posted by Lilbronsonboy
Hey i have a automatic 95 stang...story is.,... i went to school one day and came back and the car wouldn't it home and looked at it...i was starting it at the time with the ignition switch (white box) because the key was busted....and i saw that fuse #6 in the engine fuse panel was blown...replaced it...blew instantly...i was wondering what that fuse goes to?? its the bottom minituraized goes to a blue with white stripe wire....any one know where that goes to?? after a while, it stopped blowing the there is no power going to it at all.....i got the whole steering column back together now but it wont start....someone said it could be the crankshaft sensor???? i replaced the ignition switch and checked all other fuses...anyone know about this and how hard it is to looks to me like there isa ground shorted out...looks like the ground going to the ignition switch is grounded turns overit just doesnt start....ANy help??? you can AIM me at lilbronsonboy if u want,.,...thanks!!
it's not the crankshaft sensor.

If you're blowing fuses, you've got a short somewhere in the system.

You'll have to find an automotive electrician.

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