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Originally Posted by Greekstang
Hi guys, I have mostly a stock 2004 3.9L with flowmaster duals and just a K&N filter on my stock pipe.
I want to bump up the hp over 193, I'm ready for the motoblue 42% UDP's but I also want Trac-Loc's.
I'm not sure if I want to do the gear change to 3.7s but I know I want posse rear.
I've been all over the threads, and I dont know whats better ford or the detroit lockers? and whats the price differrence, also which ones? theres seems to be so many?
Any good direction please?

Oh also for handeling any good package deals for sway bars strut towers etc...?
posi-trac is GM's name, Trac-Lok is Ford's.

Both use clutches which wear out.

Detroit Lockers don't, and rarely, if ever wear out. With $250+ just to install, you don't want to replace the clutches very often, so the DL is the better deal.

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