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Originally Posted by Greekstang
Now i'm probably going to state the abvious, i just dont want to do something for nothing.
I have a 2004 3.9L automatic w/OD 13,500ml on it. with the tracion button off and OD on the car seems to lag when i floor the gas. I like to drive a bit hard from light to light to hear the flowmasters. but the rpm seem to shift late or long.
Now is it true if i disconnect the battery and then drive the car hard acouple of times it will addapt and respond the way i want it.
and if yes when i drive slow how will it affect it? will i screw up my transmission, i always keep the rpm less then the red line?
It will help a bit!

If you really want to alter the shift points in a big way, you need to pick up a chip/programmer.

It's virtually impossible to harm your tranny or engine because of the engine management software. The tranny is straght out of the GT, so you'll need to add 200+ hp before you'll start having to worry about the life of the transmission.

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