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SilvGt 12-16-2017 10:17 AM

2003 Mustang GT electrical problem
Having a bad issue where my car will go from completely dead to fully charged and ready to go. First started having this problem while i was at a gas station while filling up. Finished putting gas in the car, sat inside, turned the key and it clicked and was completely dead. Had a friend come and jump me and we figured it was a bad alternator or dead battery, but both are in good condition (battery is new). So i continued driving the car until a few days ago it died yet again and I let it sit for 2 days as I have been busy with work and school. My brother decided to try and start it while i was at work, went outside where the car was sitting for 2 days completely dead, and it started right back up. He said he sat down in the car and there were no lights indicating it was obviously still dead, but once he got out of the car after popping the hood, all the lights came back on and he started it up. I'm saying its possibly a short in the system somewhere? Not sure but would like any help i can get, thanks.

stormsedge 12-16-2017 10:48 AM

I recommend you start by cleaning the battery terminals/cable ends. Look critically at the cable clamps because I've had more than one OE clamp crack resulting in a poor or inconsistent connection (if cracked, replace). Also check the opposite ends of the cables to be sure they are securely fastened and with good contact. There are some other flat grounding straps in the engine compartment as well...check that they are secure with good contact as you see them.

wmburns 12-16-2017 11:31 AM

+1 on above. However my vote is not a short but a weak connection somewhere in the electrical path.

Here's some more detailed information on how to perform advanced trouble shooting on the charging system.

Howto perform charging system voltage drop test

SilvGt 12-18-2017 12:03 AM

I will definitely try this, thanks for the help guys.

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