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Dendro_4.6 03-20-2009 05:50 PM

Where to find OEM guage pod
I need to find an OEM one and put a face on it that matches the blue of the AM C2 gauges. I can only find aftermarket ones. Does anyone have one or know where they are sold besides Ford?

The reason is because I have went with Autometer's C2 series guages that glow more of a blue, but the Lunar pod has a greenish glow and doesn't match... My OCD keeps me from missmatched lighting...:laugh:

I'm selling my AM Lunar Gauge pod... maybe a trade and a few $$$???:scratchchin

02gtConvertable 03-20-2009 07:39 PM

u mean the gauge cluster in the dash or like the pillar gauge pods?? anyway i think u mean gauge cluster and if so i just bought one off of ebay a few days ago for like 45$ so i would try there. only thing is u will probably have to have ford do the pats thing on it otherwise u wont be able to start it until u do with the new cluster in. im not positive on this but mine didnt work and my buddy at ford told me i had to come in and get that done. im going in there on monday to try to get it done and ill let u know what happens if u want.

one other thing. i saw u have fidenza cam gears. i did to but it sheared the bolts off a couple of weeks ago and caused some major dmg and cost me quite a bit of money to fix as it bent valves and broke a rocker and even put a hole in the valve cover it wasnt fun.. anyway if your not actually degreeing it i would sugest taking them off and putting the origionals back on cause if there not degreed they are just a useless aftermarket part waiting to break and cause tons of damage. i regret ever getting mine...

Dendro_4.6 03-20-2009 09:56 PM

Yeah, if you could let me know that would be awesome!

Did you have a good tourque wrench when you put the cam gears on? I haven't heard anything about these going bad... I only have mine at about a degree advanced right now, but I wanted them for when I stroke the motor, which I have not got on to yet. That is probably next winters project.

Thanks for the heads up!


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