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carcrazy1289 04-26-2011 01:57 AM

Quick questions on different models
Ok, so first off, I'm new here. I still don't own a mustang, but will hopefully be a new owner soon, and figured I'd get some answers here.

First off, I have 2 pretty good deals that I'm looking at, but unfortunately I don't know much about these cars.

#1 - 2000 Gt, 4.6L, 5-speed, 128,000 miles, CAI

#2 - 2003, 3.8L, 5-speed, 43,000 miles, pony package, mach audio, magnaflow exhaust, and CAI

Both options are basically the same price (once haggling is done ;))

My basic questions are....
Mileage on motors? (replacing parts, waterpump, belts, ect)
Things to look for/problem areas
Any other helpful info


jep23 04-26-2011 07:10 AM

Well the biggest difference is the motors. The 4.6 (2000 model) is a v8 and the 3.8 (2003 model) is a v6. So that's where you should start. Decide what you want and go from there.

Second, having 128k miles is not really that bad for a car that's 11 years old. Plus it's a 4.6 and they are very reliable motors if taken care of properly. The 2003 is nice because of the low miles, but like I said earlier, these 4.6 motors are reliable with proper maintenance. There's a reason they used the 4.6 motor in the Crown Vic Police Interceptor.

carcrazy1289 04-26-2011 08:26 AM

Ok, yeah I knew the V8/V6 difference. Originally I wanted the GT, but with how gas prices are going, not sure I want to stay that route.

I know the mileage isn't bad for the year, but sometimes people say to stay away from vehicles with higher mileage if certain things haven't been replaced, so that was a big issue with the mileage. But 3 years newer with 1/3 the miles is very tempting.

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