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drunkenfarmer 01-22-2003 04:46 PM

Bullit Suspension And Brakes On A 2002 Gt Coupe
i just finished installing my steeda tri ax, pullies and a timing advancer, and a bassani off road x pipe on my 2002 gt, now that the basics are taken care of, its time for suspension work.

I am currently debating to install a bullit suspension (springs, shocks and struts) and adding the 13" brakes in the front and the 11" in the back does anybody think whether this is worth it or should i go with an aftermarket brand (all the bullit stuff is from ford and its pretty cheap)

what do you guys ( and girls) think? full aftermarket suspension orstick with bullit parts?

drunkenfarmer 01-22-2003 04:51 PM

The price i got for all of the parts is $1324 US (this includes front and rear brake kit, caster camber plates, springs, shocks and struts)

good deal? or is it not worth it considering the quality, i dont know anybody who owns a bullit and i have never ridden in one. im looking for a improvement in handling and braking. will it be a good and effective upgrade?

V6steeda 01-22-2003 10:44 PM

I have bullitt shocks and struts with Steeda Sport springs. I love it, it is much tighter and lower. I can really take a turn in my car and it stays nice and flat with little sway. Also note that I have a V6 and I am about 200 lbs lighter, but I dont think that makes a big impact. You will get about an inch lower with the buillitt suspension. With my steeda springs it puts me down an inch and a half. If you want more on the looks go with the aftermarket 1.5" kits. Supposedly the 1.5" knocks off the geometry of the front end suspension. You can fix that with a X2 Balljoint by Steeda. I hope that helped some.


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