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Originally Posted by sugamunki
first things first: I'm retarded.

So the 99 mustang and I went for a bit of a bumpy ride in the rain a couple days ago and I'm kinda trouble shooting to eliminate a couple basic possibilities before tossing the car to the mechanic$

First of all I want to eliminate the chance that my emergency fuel shut off isn't my culprit(although I wish it could be!) So when AAA came to tow me out I had mumbled about the possibility it was just the kill-switch. So I walked to a dry spot and called a friend to have come get me while I was under the impression he was prepping my car for towing. I came back and the guy was using a screwdriver and jacking around with the kill switch. I've never tampered with the switch before and therefore am unaware of what position the sucker should be in. My Haynes book has Nothing about the kill switch in it and I was hoping Somebody could enlighten me on the possibility of the kill switch simply being in the wrong position, etc. Or if anybody knows of a diagram somewhere ... my car came without a manual and I have been able to rely on the haynes guide for the most part :/

There is no "kill switch" there is a fuel pump cutoff switch, but it's in the trunk.

I doubt something would have tripped it -more likely, a wire, or a fuel line was cut.

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