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Originally Posted by kscoyote
could also be the IAC acting up & keeping the "choke" on . . . Idle Air Control valve.
Sorry for budding in this thread...but when I saw this - that's the exact problem my stang is having (im pretty sure at least).

When the car is warm and I come to a stop, the engine will sometimes dip down to below 500rpm, and sometimes even stall on me. It seems to happen more when I take the car out of gear without using the clutch. (Is taking it out of gear w/out the clutch bad for it?) But it will happen even if I use the clutch sometimes, too.
If it is the IAC, how would I diagnose and/or fix it?

On a side note, it's a '02 3.8L w/17k on it and K&N FIPK2. Rest is stock.
Thanks!! :thumbsup

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