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Originally Posted by Deer Assassin View Post
well good ole me adjusted keeping the turns the same on the LCA

and set it back on the ground now it is to far back grrrr

i wish i had bought double adjustable lca

i know the lca are adjusted the same but i had to back the uppers off a lil as the pinion angle went way south when i moved the lca back

my question is if the uca are a lil off does that affect the "alignment" of the rear axel left and right
In theory, yes. the big issue with that is your Rear end could be slightly angled left or rite if the arms are not the same length. I think what I would do Is hang a plum-bob from each wheel well and use that as a reference point to center up to. It's going to take some time and be a real pain. Get the LCA's squared away then go back and pinion then go back and re-check all your measurements again... I did a full overhaul on the rear of a friends dad's 2012 GT with new UCA and mount, new LCA's and mounts, adjustable pan hard and plates to reinforce torque boxes. I think I probably spent as much time adjusting everything back to spec as I did installing it... Just be patient, it's going to be a pain now but worth it later

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