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Originally Posted by MylilPony
ok heres what i want to do to a completely bone stock 98 automatic v6..........cold air intake- anyone who has this on their car, with the same model car as mine, let me know which is best bc im hearing 10 different things.... also a link would be awesome...
2nd.... exhaust- i would prefer just a straight bolt on type of system that i dont have to modify anthying... just for decent NON rice sound... something a lil more throaty (i know its a V6) ... and a boost in performance would be great toooooo.. .any and all links id appreciate as well... let me know (the novice that i am) which is best....
3rd- change the headlights... i feel like the headlights make the car look older than the car really is ... so i was thinking some type of clear headlights... possibly angel eyes.... tell me which is best and easiest to install
PS im going to be doing all the work myself so ease of installation is also important.
Thanks to everyone who reads this long post!!
One) a K&N drop in filter performs as well as anything older than 1999. Big gains come from underdriver pulleys . . .

2) Most folks here like the Flowmasters. Every system has it's fans, and sound is subjective. Most of the manufacturers have clips they can send you, so listen to 'em & decide which you like best.

3) If you want projector headlights, pick up a mustang magazine & look for specials. I wouldn't install these yourself. Several people here have tried, and set their cars on fire. . ..

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