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V6 Power Pak

I've been looking for the best way to add some horsepower to my mustang without losing tons of drivability. I've looked at all the superchargers, but from doing research it sounds like they can be really dangerous over a long period of time in terms of engine life. I saw on where they make a "Power Pak" that can add "up to" 90 horsepower, and make the engine more durable if I were to supercharge it. They say it's a safer alternative, but my question is how much drivability / gas mileage am I going to lose? Also, that "up to" doesn't sound very promising.... does anyone have any experience with their kits and can tell me what these kits do on a close to stock engine? I've got a few bolt ons, but nothing big. If anyone knows anything about these kits, please help me out!

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