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Not sure if you have a newer version or something but on 6-46 Chassis Electrical - I show 2 pictures of a 94 box and on the bottom half of the page theres a 95 model. Then on page 6-47. I show a 96-98 model. The diffrences im talking about if you look at the picture i attached at the beginning of this post, Youll notice that the box on the car now is capable of holding:

5 Relays - Instead of 4.
12 Maxi Fuses - Instead of 9.
& on the last row (ATC Fuses)
All diagrams show it can hold 8 fuses total. Yet the box on the car can hold 12 tiny fuses + 4 additional. Im just trying to find out if maybe this doesnt even belong in the car. UNLESS someone else outthere can confirm that the box i show on the picture looks EXACTLY like the one on theyre car. I would really appreciate it because its driving me insane! Thanks for all your help! kscoyote.


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