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10 second Fox drag suspension & twist prevention

I'm looking for budget traction ideas for my car. The goal is low 10's but I really can't afford to cage it, or buy a bunch of expensive suspension parts this year. The car is virtually stock from the dashboard back. Very straight car and I don't want to twist it up (or wreck it).

I don't really know where to begin...I was thinking about some weld-on (long style) sub-frame frame connectors tied to the torque boxes, boxing the stock lower control arms, and adding some adjustable uppers.

Good plan??? Bad plan??? Suggestions?

If I want to go down the track this year it has to be $1000 including two new slicks/DR's...luckily my local tracks don't tech much if at all.

Here is what I have so far...running & driving but still needs a tune;

Chassis -
1989 Mustang notch with a tube K-member, tube A-arms, drag struts, Manual rack, manual brakes, battery in trunk, WELD fat & skinnies, 275/50/15 tire, fiberglass hood, full interior, 5 lug front & back. Just a wild guess...maybe weighs 2800lbs???
No cage
No Frame connectors/braces of any kind
Stock rear control arms
4cyl springs (I think original) in back

Motor, transmission, Differential- (confession time:smoke
'00 Z28 LS1 - 346ci Aluminum block - CARB/CAM on nitrous should make ~390NA & 500+ whp on a small shot...powerglide with 4K stall and transbrake.
8.8 w/4.10 gear

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