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Originally Posted by load

There is now a solution to the bucking problem!

In the stock intake, there is a small screen shaped like a disc. Without this disc in place in the intake, bucking results from the air rushing in. I am not sure to which aftermarket (or stock for that matter) intakes this applies to (I am now sure Ford put it there for a reason), but if anyone has acquired a nice bucking when they take their foot off the gas with their aftermarkey intake, make sure this metal screen is in place somewhere before the MAF in your intake. With the K&N FIPK2, the MAF is just inches after the air filter, which is why the air had no time to stabilize before hitting the MAF
The screen somehow controls the incoming rush of air - and there is no more bucking!!
Never would have thought that the little screen would make such a difference
I've got news for ya!

The screen doesn't do anything, except act as a failsafe if teh aircleaner isn't installed properly.

Your MAF was probably not perfectly level, which can give you incorrect readings . ..

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