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I don't have any enlightning information on the law, but I'd like to comment on your situation. I am wondering if the vehicle you were passing sped up at all, forcing you to increase your speed more than you originally intended. Although that vehicle would have been a "non-contact" vehicle, that could have been a contributing factor to the accident.

In NC, we have a passing law that says that once you have initiated a pass, the slower vehicle is obligated to allow you to pass him as long as you alerted him to your intentions by blowing your horn first. RIGHT, like that really encourages a guy to let you pass. Anyway, I usually give a quick-as-possible toot so as not to piss off the poker too much, just as I begin to overtake a car from the left lane. At night, I'll flick my lights off and back on before passing as well (works a lot better than the more common high beam flick, which definitely pisses some folks off). I think it kind of freaks people out (like, "Hey, where did that car go???") and leaves them looking in their rear-view while you've just increased your speed to get the jump on them (I run into a lot of people who just don't like to be passed... and I don't pass people who aren't running BELOW the posted speed limit... CRAZY! Oops, no offense Crazy).

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