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Originally Posted by Rodstang01
Well finally I have great news. The injectors are on and running almost perfect. I just pick up the car today and everything is running fine. Now you remember when I ask you about the differential stuff, well the thing is that now the car is super fast I never thought this procharger was that good, i am very very happy with it. I wait for like 20 days but it was so worth it, nowthe car sounds almost like before, super fast and very strong. lol however one thing was just not right….. the differential now is making a weird noise when I turn, and when I stop and press a little bit of gas make the same noise, and the thing is that maybe I just broke the diff. So now I really need a new and strong diff , and the good news is that if not programs or computer are need to change this part I and my friend can do it. I am just so afraid after all this nightmare with the injectors that now I am thinking that everything require a comp chip and software jajajaj. So now one problem is solve but another isn’t. Any thoughts on this is always welcome and more than appreciated. I really owe you a lot and I just hope some day to know a lot about Mustangs even though that my major is Biology. Thanks one more time.:thumbup
If you broke the differential the car wouldn't move.

It's really hard to diagnose a noise, it could be a backing plate on the brakes, it could be a lot of things.

Have you done anything with the differential?

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