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Originally Posted by speedytang
Are you guys sure about a lite weight flywheel with such low torque engine. Usually you use weight of the flywheel to increase torque to the wheels. I have driven 400hp 5.0 engines that just did not have the snap after a aluminum flywheel was installed without keeping the rpms way up over 4k rpm. If you road race I could see it because you would keep the rpms up because it will rev faster out of a turn but daily driving and if you drag race I can't see that flywheel helping but hurting to move the mass of the car. I still think that as cheap as a V8 rearend is and as hard as it is to find 7.5 gears and they cost more that the V8 rearend is a better choice.
yeah, check out the archives. Reducing the rotational mass (especially on the six which uses a flywheel designed for the 5.0L) increases the efficiency of the system, and greatly reduces 1/4 mile times.

Honda proved the concept, and Hot Rod did a number of tests a couple of years ago, which also proved the concept.

the SVT Focus and Cobra both use lightweight flywheels with heavy duty clutches.

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an 8.8 rear is "relatively" inexpensive, but the installation isn't. It also adds more weight and even more rotational mass.

A lot of people feel safer running them, but a lot of people don't.

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