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Alright, I've got it all layed out... my clutch will have to wait til around feb. 9th... by then I would have gotten one paycheck to pay for the flywheel, and the next paycheck on that day will go towards install of those two. I will soon get an offroad x-pipe and a short shifter, maybe the next paycheck... then my tax return is going towards rims... whenever that comes in... and then comes lowering springs, and tower strut braces, then a t-lock. Sometime in the middle of all of that, hopefully I can get that little dent fixed ($350! sucks horribly) and little things here and there such as side stripes, new floor mats(mine are terrible), and windsheild banner. That'll be about all I'm lookin at doing to my car for a LONG time. Again thanks for your help! Any other recommendations are welcome, just nothing too expensive, cause we know all this is making me go broke!

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