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Originally Posted by tlennon
First of all, tahnk you in advance for any help that you can give me. About two months ago, my 99 v6 mustang would start but the speedometer would race to 120 mph and my rpm would go to 7, but the engine didnt race. It would do this once a week. Well, last week, it started doing that once a day - only in the morning when I would ge tup and go to work. Yesterday, it wouldnt start at all. It would sound like it wanted to start (clicking noise), but it wouldn't start. The headlights come on and the radio comes on, so I dont think its the battery. Could it be the starter or the alternator? If so, how easy is it to change the starter and the alternator?
I also have a 99 mustang and my car was doing that same thing. i have had some issues with starting my car..except mine was that it started itself like right after i would turn it off. its only done that a few times though. but my car does do the thing with the guages u are talking about. it seems like it kinda "chugs" a few times (if u know what i mean) and then when it does turn on the guages max out and then go back without the engine revving. it seems to only do this in the morning and only when it has been really cold. is it cold where ur from (i didnt look to see if u said where u were from)? i thought that might be hasnt done it in a while and it is getting a little warmer. if u find out before i do then let me know...
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