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Originally Posted by Dustang99
Alright, alright. Next to last question... if I get a t-lock put on, will that make me lose any horsepower? (or 0-60 time) Because I'm looking at this 2 ways. One is that the drivetrain is now having to turn 2 wheels... therefor losing power because it's now turning more. Two, is that the drivetrain is now turning two wheels, but it's still only moving the car, and by turning both wheels it makes it easier to move the car... therefor not losing any power, if anything, gaining some. I see it both ways I just don't know which one is right. The only thing I do know, is I know it deffinately helps on traction. But any dumbass could tell you that, so it's not saying much for me. And now the LAST question, what size rims would be best for a V6? 17x8's or 17x9's? My guess would be 17x8's because the V6 really wouldn't need more, but I love the way my ex's 18x9's look on her car... I just wouldn't want to put 18's on mine. Stick with 17's.
yes, you "may" lose rear wheel hp, -but! the big loss occurs when 1 wheel is already spinning!

so, your 0-60 time should be faster, as a result.

you can fit a fairly wide tire on 16x8 or 8.5, or 9, and your rotational mass wouldn't be as bad as an 18x9.

17x8s really suck the torque out of the car . .. w/ 18x9's you may as well put a sandbag or 2 in the trunk and rear seat.

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