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Well. Ford and the CSM's refuse to put a VDR on my Mustang. They say "It's just an isolated incident" and there is no reason to install one. I guess it'll take an accident for them to accept that there is obviously an issue with it. Everyone that has had this happen needs to let know so they will see the trend. There's already a few under Electronic Stability. Go add to them please!
Sucks to have a car I can't put my family in! Always thought higher of Ford.
alpinedaddy, I remember you saying it happened once a couple of months ago. How many incidents has your car had?
Mine was fairly regular at about 4 week intervals, made mine perfect for the VDR, but I did have to wait a few weeks for one to become available. But other than limited availability it doesn't really cost Ford much to have one in your car. Deysha, any ideas?
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