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Originally Posted by MylilPony
ok so I installed a K & N drop in for my 98 v6 automatic after countless research.... i really wanna thank everyone especially kyscote for their help......the filter is great... car is much more willing to get up and go.... it may be psychological, or the addition of the new filter minus the filthy purolator that was in there lol
nowwwwwww next i want to change my headlights... i have the yellowish "haze" on them and it makes the car look older than it is..... i have been looking on the net trying to get an idea of what they go for, and which ones go on the car...... im sure many people have changed their headlights on this forum so if anyone has aftermarket headlights that will fit my body and tell me how they are or possibly post a pic, that would be great.... also include how much they were, how long was installation, whether u did it yourself or took it somewhere, and if there were any modifications that needed to be done
then.... my exhaust... i found on the net something that will fit right onto my stock y-pipe... and i dont know if i wanna get involved with x or h pipes.... flowmaster force 2 dual exhaust system... i suppose its not "true dual" but hey..... will this give me any extra ooomph? also... is this gonna make my car sound like a rice burner? if so id rather have no sound at all
im lookin for a bit of rumble and hopefully an increase in some horses
if anyone has any other suggestions on exhaust or anything else for that matter it would be much appreciated...
thanks in advance, and thanks again for all the help so far!

yeah, that's a good system for your car.

Re, headlights, pick up a magazine, and start looking for specials.

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