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Question Pcm / Eec Part Number?

Had a locksmith over and he said my pcm is the problem he took it out of my fenderwell and it looks like it was hit by a garbage truck at 90mph. He wasnt able to communicate with the pcm in order to get into the pats and the pcm starting making this loud weird noise that he had never heard. Pretty much its missing the cover and its all dented up (im assuming car was in a accident or something) Anyway i went to the local wrecking yard to replace it but they said they need a Part# for my model. That they dont want to give me the wrong one. Part# suppose to be on the cover of the pcm but obviously w/ the cover missing no luck there. It is a 98 mustang 3.8 Anyone know where i could get this model / part Number??? THANKS GUYS!!!
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