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yea... i think ill take him.... his car is fallin apart.... the other day we were lookin at it and his CAI was rubbin on his battery... that cant be good ... so we rigged it up with wire tie's lol

i do have a question about exhaust.... im looking into flowmaster force 2 dual exhaust system that will fit right into my y-pipe... im not sure whether or not this will boost performance or not... heres what it includes:
flanged y-pipe and hardware (i dunno what flanged is)
2.5" outlet- i dunno if this is too big ... i dont wanna lose backpressure
50 series delta flow mufflers
stainless OEM style tips
Force 2 (i dunno)
DOR (i dunno)
Theres also a MAC exhaust that fits the Y-PIPE and thats like 200 bucks cheaper .... it says made with new durablack somethin... with stainless tips... 2.5" also ... which one is better?
The flowmasters look straighter,,, which im sure is better
also, maybe the y-pipe isnt the way to go... maybe H .... gimem an idea of how much it would cost... and if i get an H... can i buy any dual exhaust on the market?
long post... thanks for reading... thanks for any help :eyepoppin
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