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Originally Posted by Deer Assassin View Post
First off i want to give special thanks to Sharad, i kinda figured out my problem monday eve but i chatted on the phone with him to assure me i was right
it was cool for him to take time to talk and i appreciate it

car did not perform as well as i had hope played with a few shock settings and air pressure and it just got worse but she averaged mid 30's with a new personal best 1.58 60 foot 7.32 92.76
my lights sucked it was obvious i hadnt raced since august last year. i managed a .007 but rest were terrible .07x even a few .1xx but i managed to get to the final in mustang class and was still in trophy class when before the mustang final the battery gave up the ghost and would not start i was pissed wouldnt even jump off

this is why it was on the trailer i hate not even getting a chance to race to win but o well

i have got to get my 60 foot down some how

first pass was the best ever 1.58 but after that 1.64-1.66 and my mph was well in the upper 93 mph
heck i cut those with stock 4 cyl stuff 3.73 26x 8.5
now the tires are worn et streets i am saving to get some new qtp's

i really would like to get 1.4x 60 foots

7.32 4-2-13 ole blue - YouTube

Congrats on the runner up Lade.

I'm certain that the QTPs will help, but from watching the video, I'm wondering if a higher stall speed would help. I'm also wondering about shifting at 5900. I had a 358 once that LOVED to rev. TFS-R heads, as cast, with a .574/.595 HR cam. I'm not sure what your H/C/I combo is, so I'm just sort of throwing that out there.

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