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while talking about dash stuff...the highbeam indicator to me is 'painfully blue'...on dark roads its almost as if someones shining a LED flashlight at your eyes...very distracting...turning dimmer down just makes it stand out worse.

anyone else think that needs toned down a bit, or is it just my nightblind eyes?

things I didnt notice before buying...hmm...
1) didnt notice that every time kids get in or out seat needs readjusted.
2) didnt know defroster wont shut off, and only way to get warm feet is use dash/floor setting and close dash vents(just figured that out last night).
3) didnt know fenders have NO shims anywhere- I was impressed...put them back on without needing to adjust anything.
4) didnt know my passenger rear spring was mis-installed at the factory(will probably need rubber pad replaced as it looks to be cut where it popped out from under spring)
5) didnt know about missing sealer on trunk floor, or holes into rockers in front of rear tires(until after 300 miles of driving before getting under it)
6) didnt know stereo stayed on till door opened.
7) didnt know seatbelt warning could be so obnoxious(I usually belt up, just never heard one so insistent...comes back on if you ignore it...)
8) didnt know gages light up with key on- drove home with lights off one night, didnt notice till turning down our street.
9) didnt know brake reservoir drips fluid from cap every time you drive it(eventually it should get towards 'min' level, then I hear it wont do this anymore...) wonder how many 05/06's have underhood paint damage from brakefluid dripping?
10) the best for last...had no idea this car I'd wanted so bad would be so fun to drive. I was hooked for many reasons, but the car is fun to drive beyond all expectations...usually a new car has that 'get used to it' time- not this one...fits like a glove, all the controls are perfectly located, controls feel perfect(except gas pedal...needs a cable), has most powerful brakes Ive ever used(would be interesting to calculate peak braking is more than engine...), general road feel is perfect balance of sporty/comfy...dont beat you up like my old camaro did at all, yet seems firmer? how'd they do that? had no idea a little 281 inch V8 could make such incredible sounds from its intake/exhaust.

while the third gear gate can get a bit vague, and the tranny has some sound issues, and the gaspedal feels 'detached', interior is rather 'hard' and a few other nitpics, this car is still so darned fun to drive I just want to go burn gas...I wasnt this excited to drive back when I was 16! Ford really made this a 'drivers car', and I just thank God Ive had the good fortune of getting ahold of one...its a treat for sure.

06 gt stick vista blue - love this car!
07 pony auto vista blue (wifes)
09 gt stick vista blue (ordered day after the '10 reveal- 4 miles/undriven still)
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