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Evidentally SS is treating me very well - have a little over 7,000 miles on it and so far have only once had a hard time filling gas tank (out of my way so have never been back). For some time have been watching brake fluid since I heard about it in this forum and am not losing any at all (it is staying exactly where it belongs). Bought some velcro dots and use them to hold gas cap on gas door. Have Ford Blue oval floor mats from Pep Boys. Added Stainless Exhast tips that has dressed up that part (enjoy the stock exhaust sound).

OVERALL I enjoy the living $%^& out of this Stang, by far the best and most enjoyable to drive I have had (Fifth Stang).
We are going to make the RMMR (Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup) in Steamboat Springs, CO.
Neighbor as a '66 Stang and another worked for Ford R&D and is trying to get a GT500.
HAVE FUN !!!!! It will usually come up with another surprise...

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