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Originally Posted by white01stang
im running a 75mm pro-m mass air unit, it was calibrated for the injectors that come with the car. the cai is one off from ebay, standard fender wall cai, im not running the vacuum hose for the oil, bought a breather. mac headers 1 5/8 and pipes are 2 1/2
yeah, you're gonna need to take care of some issues 1st.

you need to port match your intake ( so you're getting some back wash and idle air on the intake port. Your exhaust is too big, (unless you're running N2O), and your CAI probably isn't working any better than a drop in. None of the metal CAI's do.

you're not going to get much from a programmer or chip, not as much as if you cleaned up the flow on the car.

when you take care of those issues, you'll need a cam to be able to make power above baseline, or at least 1.8 Roller Rockers, to improve the flow to the combustion chambers, and eliminate the dead air.

When you get the cam you will need a programmer or chip, though. but you really should take care of the above issues, or you're not gonna be happy with the results.

There was a guy around here (who shall remain nameless) who tried to run me with the same combination. It wasn't pretty, as he was down by at least 10 ft/lbs down low, and 8 hp from baseline, and even with the relatively minor mods I've done I'm up 15 hp/12 tq (even with the 85,000 miles I had on the car, then). So the spread was 25 hp/20 tq.

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