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Ha ha... ALRIGHT, I HAVE to post this, since it does kinda help you.

My friend and I decide to race down this street at about midnight one night after work. Hardly anyone uses it, so we figured it'd be safe. FIGURED. He had a 92 Accord, V6 auto, and I have a 99 V6 Mustang manual (notice I said "had"). Well when we raced, we had previously marked a spot that was a 1/4 mile away, and after that we had to IMEDIATELY slow down, cause there was an S-turn ahead. We started off, I let him do the countdown, and we were pretty close through 1st, but when I hit 2nd, I took off on him. After the 1/4 mile, I had him by about 8 car lengths... well he was mad he lost and so he decided to fly by me, disregarding the S-turn. He fishtailed, almost hit an oncoming car, fishtailed back the other way back into our lanes and went backwards into the curb, smashing his new rims, into a light pole, the globe covering the light came down and smashed on his hood, and then the lightpole came down on his car! Straight down the middle... it was the most perfect wreck. At the time I had dual exhaust, and he had an intake.

So therefor, Mustang > Accord.

And sadly to say, my friend, about a year later... has now gotten another Accord, and this past Saturday wrecked it. Luckily it wasn't another lightpole though. Ha ha.
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