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Originally Posted by Rodstang01
Now before I buy it I want to ask you if the brakes are compatible and everything, do I need any other modification and what about the length? Is it larger or the same as my v6? What I meant is the dimension of the rear Gt and the v6 dimensions. I am looking at a 2000 Gt. For $500. What do you think?

Also you said that I should keep 3.27 gears. Ok here is my question: Can I find a Gt diff with those gears or I have to put them. I really donít want to get into changing gears. Because the GT diff come in different gear ratio. But I donít want to hurt my engine either. So one more time thanks and I really appreciate what you are doing
As long as they're compatible with your ABS system, everything will bolt on. The brakes are the same, the 2001+ cars have the same brakes as the GT. The dimensions are the same. It's purely a bolt in for a 2001+ car.

The GT if I remember correctly had the same gear ratio, but who knows what was installed in the car.

The way to check is to put the car in neutral, mark the driveshaft, and count the number of times the wheel turns to one turn of the driveshaft, while the rear of the car is on the stands.

If you turn the wheel 3 1/4 times for one revolution of the drive shaft, they're 3.27s, 3 1/2 turns, they're 3.55s, 3 3/4 turns = 3.73s, 4 turns are 4.11s.

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