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need basic radio wiring help.....

greetings, my wife "accidently" bought a 96 mustang with a v6 in it thru ebay. i flew to pick it up in florida and drive it back... it's full of small headaches. this particular headache is that there is no radio or cd player in it. so i went back on ebay and bought a 2 piece radio and a cd player set to go in it that came out of a 98 mustang.

this is what the auction description said :

" ford factory radio and single cd player out of a 98 mustang gt with mach 460 sound, will also fit many other vehicles.there is some wear on the volume buttons but other than that it works perfectly. "

i went to install the thing and i don't seem to find enough connections for both of them. the ends are not cut up or anything like that. the radio part has an antena connected, one longer connector connected, and one "squarish" 8 pin connector also connected. there seems to be nothing to connect the cd player at all. the radio comes on but you can only barely hear one of the speakers on the back dash working. the cd player is just laying over ther in the passenger seat looking pathetic.

if you have any ideas what the heck i'm supposed to do at this point, i'm all ears! any help would be greatly appreciated.

please be simple in your answers becouse i am not familiar with this at all.

thanks in advance.

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