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So far the Maestro has been serving my needs well. I mostly like that the steering wheel controls work as they did before, and as a bonus I can hold down the volume down on the wheel and it will attenuate (similar to mute) whatever is playing.

As for all the features of Sync... there was a step in the Maestro directions I did not feel comfortable following(given my limited electrical/car audio install skills). It indicated I needed to splice a particular cable into the Sync box which it indicated was under or behind the glove box. I'm certain at this point everything that I have working is independent of the Sync system.

So far on this Kenwood I have successfully used Bluetooth audio streaming from an iPhone 5(but not for calls yet), GPS, CD, and USB thumb drive for audio and video. I can't say I miss the Sync very much as the only thing I really grew attached to on it was the Bluetooth which the Kenwood does.

As for how I like the Kenwood overall, I like it a lot!! It is not however my first Kenwood. I had the DNX5140 in the past, and it was the Garmin integration that lead me back to Kenwood when I needed a double din for my current Mustang. Of all the GPS systems built into double din's that I tried in Best Buy or saw reviewed on YouTube, the Garmin w/Kenwood was the best in my opinion.

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