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Originally Posted by 79_Limited View Post
Looks great. I'm thinking about going the double din route myself. I have not decided on which head unit yet. There aren't may units out there that have FLAC support except for the newer JVC units.
While I can't really comment on the FLAC situation, as I am not really an audiophile, I can say if you currently have the OEM radio without NAV, getting a dual DIN with touch screen is quite the upgrade! Gives your car so many more options. Whether it is rear view camera, subs and amps, GPS built in, movie watching, better iPod integration, the list goes on.

And then there is the intangible bonus of the nice glow you get in your car when driving at night. IDK about you, but whenever I would pull up next to a car that had an aftermarket or OEM type system that had a touch screen based system, it made me feel like my Mustang was a second class vehicle compared to it. But not anymore. Again, that is just me and the tricks my mind plays on me though. :nogrinner
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