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Originally Posted by Arazor View Post
How do you like the kenwood so far with the maestro adapter? All your Sync functions still working ok?
In addition to everything I said in the last two posts, I wanted to address one thing in case anyone reading this was not aware. If you use the Maestro with a Kenwood that was made prior to 2013 models, you will not be able to add a SiriusXM tuner as the Maestro uses the 1 and only serial port on the Kenwood HU. THIS PISSED ME OFF QUITE ROYALLY AS I READ THE DIRECTIONS FOR INSTALLATION. Only certain Ford vehicles retain the Sirius after using the Maestro, but the Mustang is not one of them. I think the F150 or 250 and some other vehicles from Ford qualify. But because the Maestro made keeping the steering controls easy (I read bad reviews about other steering wheel control adapters from Metra and PAC online), as well as the overall ease of configuring the wiring harness lead me to keeping it. I did have to cancel my Sirius subscription though sadly enough. I am unwilling to pay for just mobile app access, and am not going to install a mobile Sirius into my vehicle to then run it via AUX into my Kenwood, which means controlling Sirius with yet another screen/device. So I will go back to downloading/ripping songs for my USB stick or get an iPod.

So in summary, know that 2012-older Kenwoods on Mustang=no Sirius. If you're getting the newer DNN990 receiver or another DNN 2013 based Kenwood, I don't see why you wouldn't get the Maestro!

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