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2006 mustang - Replacing factory shaker 500 with an aftermarket radio

Hello, I recently bought a 2006 mustang stick shift that had the factory shaker 500 system. I wanted to replace the system's head unit and eventually speakers.

What I wanted to replace it with was a 5.8'' touch screen radio, like a Pioneer avh-p3100dd or a newer model. I was curious to know if anyone has replaced their mustang's radio with a touch screen or similar head unit and involved wiring. I'm not an electrical engineer so I'm not entirely certain on how to wire in a radio, but I assume it won't have to go to a shop to do it.

Also, to my understanding the factory amplifiers need a special cord or package to work with a new head unit. is this necessary or do some head units have accommodations for this? again, not sure how it works so obviously my understanding is a bit impaired .

I have a bunch of sound system parts from the 80's, old quart speakers that used to be extremely loud and a couple very heavy powerful amplifiers. They're powerful speakers but I doubt they would fit in my car because of their size (6'' round) . I figure I would be able to install the amplifiers eventually in the back of the car. I'm also not sure about amplifiers versus head unit in this situation, because I know most head units now have built in amplifiers. I am under the impression that amplifying "twice" (once through the head unit and twice through the amplifiers) is a good way to fry everything?

Any advice on either of these issues would be appreciated. My goal is to minimize expense by doing most of the "work/installation" and would like to buy the parts/radio at an amazon price instead of an audio store price.


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