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Originally Posted by Katmandu View Post
Can someone please post links to the videos on changing out the rear speakers....and wiring in Amps for our cars!

I did the rears a couple weekends ago and did my fronts last year. Took all of 45 minutes, most of that was splicing wires because I didn't get the right connectors. (Got them now.) You just need to loosen all the panels in the back of the car, then remove the rear deck material and swap the speakers. The only tough part was the back 2 screws, you'll need a shorty screwdriver or a rachet with a phillips bit in it because there's not much room between the deck and window.

Guys, these cars are beyond easy to work on, trust me it's all very intuitive when you get into it. Don't be afraid to take things apart. That's how I learned everything I know.

The most frustrating thing with my car was the front sway bar. It's a 2 man job but one man can do it if he curses at it enough
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