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I haven't lowered my car, but I have a razzi body kit on it. It looks as if it dropped about 1 - 1 1/2 in. And yes it is pain when you do pull into some parking spots. I have cracked it about 3 times just from not being careful . Also if you ever want to do anything with your car that has to do with jacking it up, that can be a pain in the @$$ too. I love my body kit and it looks sweet as hell too, and I was kind of thinking about lowering it a tad bit more just because I was sitting on a little dip one time, just my front wheel and it looked as if it was lowered in the front, it looked a lot nicer and a lot more stylish. But ya I'm just saying, even with it being about 1 1/2 inches lowered, it still is kind of a pain to get around, not speed bumps especially, but when I back out of my drive way the back scrapes unless i turn at an angle. If you want my opinion though, I say go ahead and lower it, it'll look good =)
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