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Originally Posted by 1nuttybuckeye
The engine quit while driving this morning. It didn't sputter or anything, it just died. I coasted to the side of the road and I called my wife to bring me gas. I was low and thought maybe I had ran out before making it to the gas station. Once I filled the tank the engine would crank but would not start. I can hear the fuel pump run. My father helped tow me home. We pulled fuses (all ok), pulled a spark plug out and grounded it against the block and cranked the engine. We saw a little bit of a spark (not blue, more yellow to red). We also noticed that the plug was not wet with fuel. Any ideas/suggestions.

try disconnecting the battery for 30 secs to reset the computer. If it runs low, sometimes it'll go into a safe mode to avoid a lean situation.

Then pump the pedal ONCE while the switch is ON, THEN turn the key all the way.

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