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Originally Posted by TEWright
I have read through all the post on the X vs. H vs. Y pipe and all that goes a long with it. I bought a Pypes high-flo catted X-pipe and Pro-V series muffler kit for my 2004 V-6 Mustang and had it installed. The installation was a pain in the neck (took three visits to two different shops to get it right but that's another story) but the sound is awesome. Exactly what I was looking for...

Now the problem. I notice what seems to be a slight decrease in torque/power? from the switch from 2 1/4" pipes to a 2 1/2" pipe. I also upgraded to 17x9 chrome bullit rims at the same time with 235/45/17 inch tires. I also have seen a decrease in MPG and this really has me scratching my head. I am no mechanical genius but feel I am a fair. I have done some work myself and all but this really has me baffled. I expected an increase in HP with I notice but the punch seems to be missing, especially when upshifting in the higher gears. What are some recommendations to gain this punch back that I seem to have lost? I am kind of tapped now funds wise with the exhaust system and rims purchase but would like you all to suggest some options for me to explore.

Would it help to dyno and tune the chip? Will a TB Spacer deliver some power as they ads claim?

Let me know what you all think. Thanks!!!

your exhaust is too big for the cam, and your wheels are also too big, and are sucking out all the torque. Too much rotating mass.

put in some restrictors, and see if you can swap to 16x8 or 17x8s would be the cheapest way of getting your numbers back.

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