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I was running a c4 with 4.30's and a 3600 stall convertor with 26" ET's. Found I was running out at the 1000' mark, closing at 13seconds and 99 to 100mph. Still building rev's but no torque. Changed over to 29" Hoosier Slick and improved but still came up short. 60' dropped from 1.7's to 1.6's, closing at 12.8 seconds and 101 to 102mph. Motor (302) only and making approx 411hp. Put a Paxton Novi 2000 on it and got 2 runs the last day of the season before chuffing out the head gaskets....lolol. 60' was low 1.6, shaved 1.1 seconds off the ET and made an extra 10mph.
Over the winter I have made it into a blower motor with a limited budget. Final set on wheel dyno is in a couple of days. Collapsed the fins on the convertor due to the high stall on the first Dyno Test. From all ealier indications this thing is now a monster. The fellow doing the Dyno set specializes in 5.0lt and figures the car to be mid 10's or better. We'll see but my 65 year old heart is pounding just thinkin about it.
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